General Information

Flight & weather

The flight could be delayed by a few hours or may even cancel for few days due to unfavorable weather conditions. In such cases you have to prepare for waits. We do our utmost to avoid such delays and fix you on next flight. We provide rescue services by helicopter in such condition upon request, if it is available.

Physical Requirements

This is non-technical trekking route will push you but do not require any previous trekking or mountaineering experience. You will want to be in good physical condition and be able to trek for 5-7 hours daily at altitude.

Emergency & Rescue service

We kindly, inform to our valued customers to be insured for all type of medical treatment and emergency evacuation services and leave a copy of insurance policy at the office in Kathmandu. The insurance at least should cover the cost of a helicopter rescue, which is practical way of evacuating a seriously ill or injured patient from remote trekking areas.


It is highly recommended to hire a porter to carry your heavy backpack with the equipment and leave you with small bag, and suggest you to hire a porter through an agency to reduce the chance that the porter will disappear with your bag. You can use one porter for two people but avoid overloading him.

Permits & Formalities

Travel or trek to a restricted area must be arranged as a fully equipped organized program through a registered trekking agency using tents, sherpa staff, cooks and porters. Only the Government registered trekking agencies can arrange the permit and required documents. You may not trek alone; there must be at least two trekkers in each group. The liaison officer is supposed to handle all the formalities with police and government offices en route.
Nepal offers numbers of remote area as adventure trekking destinations, where foreigners can travel and trek with normal permit as well as individually but there are few places of Nepal strictly controlled by Nepal government as restricted area. Nepal government require special permit to travel such restricted area.


This is a suggested itinerary based on 3 stars standard accommodation in the city. We can modifying it as per your preference, whether you would like to make shorter or longer. Moreover, if you are interested for extra activities such as jungle safari, adventure river rafting, bunjee jumping and Everest mountain flight and you would like to upgrade your accommodation, we are pleased to follow your suggestion accordingly.

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